OP Testimonial: Mike Finney (Software Engineer) from the United States

Mike Finney is a Senior Software Engineer at Carfax. Learn more about Mike at his LinkedIn profile.

Read the full transcript below:

Hi, I’m Mike Finney, and I’m a member of Octalysis Prime. Unlocking my full potential is extremely important to me. In order to do that, I have to surround myself with success.

Octalysis Prime has knowledge and a whole community that is just as passionate as I am about learning and unlocking our full potential. It also has techniques, which basically helps a person get going and keep on going.

That was really good for me because I was stuck in a rut. Kind of like a New Years resolution rut where I was too busy with the day-in, day-out of things. But with Octalysis Prime, I was able to get some real traction on the dreams that I have. 

I’m so glad that I joined Octalysis Prime.

And I hope you don’t pass up the opportunity to join Octalysis Prime. If you do join, will you please say “Hi”? Thanks.