OP Testimonial: Chen Choon (Leadership Development Expert) from Malaysia

Above is a testimonial from Chen Choon. Chen Choon is leads Gamified Leadership Programs at People Coaching Works. Learn more about Chen at his LinkedIn profile.

You can find the transcript below:

Hello everyone, my name is Chen Choon, one of the members of Octalysis Prime. 

I’m glad that I found this platform called Octalysis Prime because as I sign up, I’m actually immersing myself into this whole concept of behavioral science, I get to speak to like-minded people, I get to bounce ideas with them, and I get to learn from them (people from around the world).

But the best part is this: Octalysis Prime is designed in a way that as you apply those skills you improve a lot of aspects of your life, in areas such as productivity, finance, career, relationships. As you learn all the ropes in behavioral science, you are able to take all these areas and make it better.

Ever since I became a member, one thing that improved tremendously is how I manage my time, and that falls under the area of productivity. At this point, there are more and more videos, more educational content that is being shared, more discussion in the forums, which I personally feel, if you hop on board in the Octalysis Prime community, then the best is yet to come. There’s much more than you can learn.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you as part of this community and don’t forget to say hi to me. I welcome you to Octalysis Prime. Bye!

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