OP Student Scholarship

My mission is to help you transform your personal and professional life so that you can achieve your dreams.

To do this, I’m investing an incredible amount of time and resources in creating 3 – 7 transformational videos every week. To sustain this effort, I charge $50/month to Octalysis Prime Members.

For a working professional, Octalysis Prime is quite affordable as it costs less than a cellphone bill or a gym membership. However, I understand that for many people in my community that are students, $50/month is too high of a price.

I am therefore very happy to announce the OP Student Scholarship

About the OP Student Scholarship

We have raised $25,000 to invest into a student scholarship for my community.

Here are the details:

  • To be eligible, you must currently be an enrolled full-time student
  • If you receive a scholarship, then your Octalysis Prime Membership price is reduced to $15/month for a whole year
  • This scholarship is limited to 60 students

How to apply

Do the following to submit your application for the OP Student Scholarship:

  1. Create a video about how you will use your Octalysis Prime Membership to transform your life and post it on the Octalysis Facebook Group with the hashtag #OPstudentscholarship
  2. Send a link to the video to scholarship [at] chouforce.com

I’m eager to watch your videos and to have you join our amazing Octalysis Prime Community!


With devotion,

Yu-kai Chou