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This is where your journey begins. Here you will learn about the foundational knowledge of the Octalysis Framework, level up to intermediate and advanced knowledge, as well as apply the knowledge to the 8 Life Fields.

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8 thoughts on “Octalysis Core”

  1. Yu-Chu I am curious to know if there is a conscious reason, fondation in the placement and numbering of the core drives , why 2 on the left, why a zigzag patern.

    Any numerologist in the house ?

  2. Yes. There is a conscious reason, foundation in the placement and numbering of the core drives. The answers lie within the content. 🙂 (White Hat / Black Hat. Extrinsic / Intrinsic. Enjoy!)

  3. first time i read your game techniques i thought for example number 20 21 22 23 24 25 are good to use together and that’s why you have such a random numbering system.ca you explain your numbering system

  4. I’ve studied all OP Pre-Island materials. It’s very interesting and useful for me.
    I am very grateful to you, Yu-kai and all Octalysis team for professionalism.
    And now I’m waiting for OP Island 🙂 Let me know, please, when it starts.

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