Gameful Design

Welcome to the Gameful Design section of Octalysis Prime!

Here we will cover interesting topics such as

  • Books on Gameful Design
  • Game Analysis
  • Richard Bartle Player Types
  • Nicole Lazzaro’s 4Keys2Fun

And much more!

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2 thoughts on “Gameful Design”

    1. Will develop this out soon. But in the meantime, good resources:

      Reality is Broken by Jane Mcgonigal
      Superbetter by Jane Mcgonigal
      A theory of Fun (book) by Raph Koster
      The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schelle

      For website and frameworks, you can also check out

      Nicole Lizzarros’ 4 keys to fun
      (There is a White Paper there)

      Andrzej Marczewski’s blog on player types

      Also, the Youtube Channel Extra Credits:

      Hope this helps!

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